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DYNOHUNTER Self Titled Album


Image of DYNOHUNTER Self Titled Album

Full Length Self Titled Album on 180 gram vinyl (Double LP)
Written and Produced by Clark Smith & Fred Reisen
Artwork by Kurt Redeker

Track List



Above the Fray

The Escape

First Point

Kingston Pulse

Mama Paduri

Raimondi Sequence

The Lost City Of Enki

Long Way Home


Pushing their own boundaries & capabilities is what DYNOHUNTER has come to require from themselves. This drive & dedication has helped them create an immersive and vivid quality to their music. Expect nothing less than the best they have to offer with the release of their full length self titled album. The entrancing opening track Mojave, inspired by late nights experienced deep in the desert, sets the tone for what becomes an expansive journey into DYNOHUNTER’s range of tribal, psychedelic, and progressive moods. A sound that make you both dance and feel. Tracks like Above the Fray, Usuthu, & Mama Paduri set a tribal rainforest soundscape influenced by World music as much as House. Techno inspired Raimondi Sequence and Lost City of Enki transports the listener to an ancient civilization filled with lost technologies. While each track brings its own energy and imagery into the fold, there is a cohesion to the entire work that brings a different angle and unique aesthetic to the world of House & Techno. Powered by diverse influence, live instrumentation and an obsession with digging deeper DYNOHUNTER has created a piece of the dance music world to call their own and their self titled album is here to prove it.